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Destin "Sandestin" Regional ... 1,578 tables
Orlando Regional ... 2,950 tables
January 2015 (pre-release) Change of Rank Listings
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Ft Lauderdale (Weston) Regional Tournament ... 1.094 tables
Northeast Florida (Daytona Beach) Regional Tournament ... 1,695 tables
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D-9 NAP Winners/Results
Southwest Florida (Naples) Regional Tournament ... 1,681 tables
Palm Beach Garndens (PGA) Regional Tournament
D-9 Charity Fund/Foundation game information
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Jacksonville Regional Tournament ... 1,099 tables
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D-9 Club Map District 9 of the ACBL comprises the entire state of Florida and includes ACBL Units 102, 128, 219, 240 and 243.  District 9 also includes the U.S. territories of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
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Map of all District 9 Clubs

District 9 Unit membership - September 30, 2014
Total 19,324
Unit 102 1,189
Unit 128 14,272
Unit 219 684
Unit 240 2,142
Unit 243 1,037
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