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The Common Game  2
Three Juniors Make Junior Master by Apryl Ashley  3
Kansas City NABC results  6
District 9 President's Message by Betty Sandifer 10
District 9 Director's Message by Jay Whipple 12
Communicating by Muriel Altus 14
Top Five Mini-McKenneys in 2016 16
Top Five in Shanbrom Ace of Clubs in 2016 17
Just When You Think You've Seen it All by John Brady 18
Electronic Gold Rush 19
DONT by Larry Cohen 20
The Kibitzer is Shirley Wright by Jon Shuster 22
Hands of Time by Barnet Shenkin 23
Does Daisy Play DONT? by Michael Donnelly 24
Play Hard, Play Well by Robert Todd 26
Director's Corner by Lynn Berg 27
More on Semi-Forcing NT by Jon Shuster 28
Notes from Rank Changers 29
The Tenth Parkinson's Benefit Bridge Event 30
District 9 Tournament Calendar 32
NAP Finalists Tell about It 34
Unit 102 37
Unit 128 40
Unit 219 50
Unit 240 53
Unit 243 56
District 9 Rank Changes 59
Bonita Springs Sectional  7
St. Pete 499er Sectional 46
Sun City Center NLM <500 Sectional 46
Jacksonville Sectonal 47
The Villages Sectional 48
The Bridge Deck Sectional 49
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